The Amazing Case From The Screenplay ’12 Angry Men’ Has Many Underlying Sociological Theories – But Which Ones?

When the jurors first get together for the preliminary decision, it is reminded to them that the decision has to be 12 aboard or nothing, so they all have to keep that in mind before even deciding. What’s funny to men it’s that when they are asked who believes that the young boy is guilty, you would think that they already have their minds set up for a decision like some of the jurors didn’t even flinch when raising their hands so quick. But the rest of them started to watch around them, of course they notice that majority is already raising their hands so they basically ‘have to do it too’.

It is incredible how people get influenced by the majority of the people believe in, this is called observational learning, because you form an attitude based on observing others, basically ‘monkey see, monkey do’. But good thing there was one brave man enough not to follow everyone else’s opinion and stand against 11 other man saying that he does not believe that the young boy is guilty until he sees all the evidence that’s proves it. Another thing is how the others are making rude comments like “there’s always one” referring to there’s always one person who wants to be on the defense of everybody else.

Juror #8 doesn’t want to send the boy to die without really thinking and talking about all the possible theories that could have happened. He really wants to make sure that they are killing the right criminal here. He doesn’t want to make a decision for the sake of pleasing everyone else since they all already on the same page. This is a serious decision that they are making so he definitely wants to really talk about it with everyone else without getting judge that he doubts a he’s confused with all the statements and evidence he has heard and seen. Juror #8 wants the rest of the jury to understand what this boy has been through his whole life, he hasn’t had it easy at all, he’s been kicked and punched. He’s a troubled kid but not by his own fault but by the way life has been for him since such a young age, of course he rebels and he’s angry towards life because he hasn’t been happy.

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