Mountain Lion: Can You Hear The Roar?

“Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion arrives this summer. With over all-new features inspired by iPad, the Mac just keeps better and better.”

A quote that heads’s sneak peek at their newest operating system soon to be released for their line of desktops and laptops. Apple has taken their beloved mobile operating system for both the iPhone and the iPad and translated it to a re-imagined way to work on their computers. From changing names of standard Mac applications, they’re making it easier and easier to move from a iPhone or iPad and knowing how to operate a computer.

Apple users most likely are familiar with Apple’s cloud service conveniently named, iCloud. What iCloud does, is it brings together all of your Apple devices and wirelessly syncs all your information together, truly making your products your own. With Mountain Lion, Apple has developed a way to connect similar apps into unison. As soon as your unique Apple ID is entered, iCloud keeps your mail, calendars, contacts, documents, and more up to date on every device you use.

A personal favorite in the list of over 100 new features, in the integration of “Messages” and the removal or “iChat”. With Messages, Apple made it possible to keep your conversations going. With that Apple ID I mentioned before, text messages that would have been sent to your iPhone or iPad before, once you sign onto your Mac, all of those messages will appear there instead of your phone. It’s a great way to keep important conversations going and it also makes it easier for users to multitask from a single device. For the moment, users have to switch between their laptop or desktop and their phones. After Mountain Lion is released, you will be able to send photos, videos, documents, and contacts and even group messages al from one place.

My other favorite update is the ability to mirror your computers screen to a HDTV connected to Apple TV. Mountain Lion gives you the ability to stream web pages, pictures, videos, and even music to a television to share with an audience. Before Mountain Lion, certain adapter have been required to connect a hardline to screens. AirPlay Mirroring sends a video stream with audio to your HDTV and scales what’s on your Mac to fit.

With a release date unannounced but a season in the title, Apple has grabbed the attention of their followers and has continued to build the rapport for their company’s name. I look forward to their newest operating system and the surprises Apple holds.

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