George Zimmerman Gets What He Deserves


The Trayvon Martin case seems to be the topic of discussion in Orlando lately.  George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer was officially arrested yesterday for the shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman faced the judge this afternoon and prosecuters are shooting for second degree murder.

In my opinion, justice will be served when Zimmerman is officially convicted of first degree murder, although that is not what prosecuters are aiming for.  Pretty much the entire Olrando/Sanford community is praying for this man who shot and killed a teenager for no reason.  Although Zimmerman swears by his story that he and Martin got into it, the story just does not match up.

Trayvon was being followed by a stranger (male; Zimmerman) in the neighborhood before he was shot.  While he was minding his own business, Zimmerman thought differently.  Martin was simply trying to get to his home while still being followed by Zimmerman after dispatchers told him to stop.  Zimmerman then shot Trayvon in the chest and his mother called 911.

Although the final verdict has not been made, Zimmerman will hopefully face jail time for 2nd degree murder.  The next trial is May 29 but Zimmerman will be locked up until further notice.  I cannot believe this young boy was punished for simply walking home on an afternoon and a neighborhood watch volunteer claims he was doing his job?  I would understand if Trayvon Martin was causing trouble or looked suspicious but he was walking home and talking on his phone.  People who are commenting about this headline blame his motives on racism; that because he was walking “suspiciously” and he is black he was doing something wrong.  This controversy has led to protests and many people are awaiting for justice to be made.

Trayvon Martin is a young, innocent teen who was punished for absolutely no reason unless minding your business is now considered suspicious but if that is the case then I do not know what this society has come to.  George Zimmerman decided to change his story probably because he did not want to have that reputation but his story is misconstrude.  He shot an innocent boy and did not even bother to maybe contact the police or anything of the sort if he assumed he was being so suspicious.  Zimmerman did not have to go to that extent, he could have just questioned him or called for back up.  I hope George Zimmerman gets what he deserves so that justice is made for Trayvon Martin and his family.

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