The Beating Justice Premiere: An Important Issue

On Sunday, April 22 at 12:30 a world premiere of a movie called Beating Justice will show until 1pm at the Regal Theater as part of the Fl Film Fest. As of this writing, there are tickets available, but you should call 407-629-1088, which explains the lack of icon this late of the fest on its web site. There are plenty of entertaining films, but the reason for this notice is because this documentary isn’t just about history, but an important issue that just won’t go away.

A couple of years back a teenager died in a state-run camp for boys. The uncovering of what happened resulted in all such camps being shut-down. Not having seen the film, I can’t attest to the production, but what is dealt with is sure to be in the news again as the boys were sent there by court.

In the Florida panhandle there is an institution called a treatment center with quite a history. In fact it was in the news off and on almost since its inception as a place to brutalize boys. That has been over centuries. Near it is a burial ground. The state agency has officially announced its regret over the past conditions. And, whatever its past it’s still operating. But former inmates are clamoring for a cause-of-death autopsy and word is this will proceed. Will such an autopsy alleviate or confirm the home’s brutal reputation?

 Well, that certainly stands in the future to affect the attention payed to the existing documentary about the camp. The documentary premiering tomorrow. That is why, as soon as I confirmed the showing, I couldn’t wait to alert anyone interested in an important issue about it.


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