Move over Apple! You aren’t the cool kid anymore.

Apple being one of the most creative and well know producers of computers and other electronic devices like iPhones and iPads has recently been kicked to the curb for their arch enemy: Google. This news comes from a survey of senior advertising agencies. The survey results revealed that these agencies would rather work for the search engine giant Google than work for Apple. There has always been a huge war going on between the two huge technology giants but this information just put a hurt on Apple. Apple has always used very clean and simple style of ads that have been almost the same style forever. In 2012 Google won a couple awards for “Best Ad” and I think this is causing these agencies to make the shift. Google is allowing these agencies to make up new ideas and where Apple is still using the style they have been using forever. I guess you could say that these agencies are just bored with Apple. There is a rumor that Apple will be launching a new, more vibrant, ad campaign on September 10th. Is this going to hurt Apple? People honestly don’t know because Apple has always had their trademark style, which is the clean and simple. The market will just have to find out when they release it! One last interesting thing I found out about Apple and ad agencies is that not only does apple not rank first in companies agencies want to work with, but Nike, Google, Volkswagen and Adidas are all companies agencies would rather work for than Apple.

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