UCF Deejays Compete for Recognition

The University of Central Florida is known for its DJs, or deejays. Florida provides some of the best DJs in the world, and many are housed at UCF. Whether they run the night club scene or produce their music internationally, many of these performers have worked for Knightcast. This week, Knightcast wraps up our last set of DJ Auditions to hire the best Student-DJs in the business to our LIVE! Team.

To the ignorant, DJ sets are typically assumed to have a simple formula. The DJ plays a list of songs that people like, regardless of genre, and occasionally throws in some “underground” songs. To be categorized as a “real DJ,” they must play two tracks at once. A “DJ” is a person who announces and plays popular recorded music. As someone who runs a radio station and entertainment agency, I know that makes you worthy of a sad high school house party.  I support the statement of Girl Talk, self-declared “not DJ,” that this is an art form.

If you audition for me, I expect smooth transitions, great song choices, and an unexpected journey of storytelling. My professional DJs that perform at most of the events on the UCF campus are very serious about their craft. I expect them to practice and study consistently.  A fun playlist and a set of speakers will not cut it. I expect my DJs to feel their music in their veins. This Friday, I will finalize the best of the best to receive interviews.

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