MTV’s The Phone: The Review

While I was multitasking the other night between watching LeBron James putting a beat down on the Detroit Pistons and studying for my final exams, I took a break and started to do some channel surfing. There were a lot of channels to choose from between either watching cable news, comedy central, Family Guy re-runs, or watching food network. None of these particular shows had caught my interest until I put on MTV and I was watching a new show called “The Phone.” This show is great. The show has a feeling of a mixture in between CBS’s reality hit The Amazing Race and FOX’s program 24. The location was set in Seattle, Washington.

Four people were just going on with their day, until they received a weird phone call. While talking to them, the game had started; then all the sudden, a car exploded in the middle in a parking lot. These four people are a divided into teams of two following insane courses to find a madman that had put the explosive inside the car. For example, one guy had to go on top of the Seattle’s famous Space Needle to get four of the flags to find the madman next location. I am not going to tell you the rest of the story, but you do win a lot of money in the range between thirty five to over fifty thousand dollars.

After the show, they asked wannabe contestants to go on and there is a possibility that they might get a phone call and play this game today. An hour after the show ended, there were over twelve thousand people that had already lined up to play and I was included. When I woke up this morning, over twenty one thousand people had logged in and want to be on part of the show. I believe that The Phone is the best show that MTV had created in a very long time since True Life. It was very addicting and it kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to end. I highly recommend for you to take a time out from all the studying and dedicate yourself to watch The Phone on MTV. You’ll not be disappointed.

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