Swine Flu!

With all the hype about the swine flu recently, it’s a little hard to not worry about it! A friend of mine was supposed to go to Cabo for her summer vacation, needless to say, that’s no longer happening! And then the next place where the most swine flu cases have been found in the U.S., New York. Another friend of mine was supposed to fly up for Cinco de Mayo, her parents cancelled her plane ticket.

Sure, some people say that everyone’s being paranoid. Then others say, it’s better to be safe then sorry. Whether we chose to be scared or not, I think the fear is always there. I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and my stomach hurt, I was honestly scared that maybe I had it! Then I go online to check my e-mail and I’m seeing all these stories about Swine Flu in Orlando! Now, someone who wakes up sick, thinks about swine flu, tries to brush it off and then reads a story like this, has a right to be a little scared!

As I read on, I saw that the statement was exagerrated and a swab of someone who had been to Mexico recently was sent in for testing. All of the articles said this as if it was supposed to calm everyone down. Well, when I hear that the results came back negative, I might walk around with a little more ease! Until then, I’m doing what every website is saying to do, walking around with tissues to cough in, hand out, whatever! and with my hand sanitizer, and I don’t plan on meeting anyone new because I don’t want to shake anyone’s hands!

I know, I’m a bit of a drama queen here, but I’d rather be a little overly cautious then dead! When something is in the media this much, it’s getting attention for a reason. This obviously isn’t a joking matter! Everytime I turn on my TV, open a newspaper, go on the Internet, I keep seeing and hearing stories about the swine flu! Agenda setting. If it’s something that’s important or something that enough people deem important, then we’re going to hear about it! If people made a big enough deal about this to put it in the media so much, then I’ll make a big enough deal to try not to get it! Who’s with me!?

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