My Take On Feminism

After reading the article “Girls Gone Anti-Feminist” it caught my eye at how much has changed over the years. I liked how the author went from quoting the Spice Girls about 90s girl power, to talking about women running for office not too long after. I never realized how extreme people could make the issue of women and feminism until I read about antifeminism and the “crisis” for boys. I was alarmed at the statistics in 2008 that women only made 80% of what men made and ten years after college it was even worse. I agree with equality and common standards for women and men, but after reading these facts in this article I don’t think I’d agree with either of the extremes.

With television shows portraying women as strong, sexy, and then having the media make such fantasies about how women look and act added to the result of enlightened sexism. I thought that was a completely different side to the story comparing feminism and I liked that the author included it. It is very ironic that feminism could branch off from “deliberately unattractive lesbians” to women who embrace their physique and pursue many other goals than having a career.

There are plenty of women who dress professional and others who like to show off skin. It is remarkable how women have come so far since back in the day when they were shunned if a little bit of their leg was showing. Women have the ability to be whoever they want and act in any manner,  it is just a matter of time until feminism branches off into something else entirely.

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