Mystery Surrounds Deadly Airliner Crash As Investigators Search For Clues

Authorities have still yet to determine what caused the fatal crash of Russian airliner Kogalymavia Flight 9268.  All 224 people on board were killed when the passenger jet suddenly disappeared off radar and went down in the Sinai Peninsula.  The flight took off from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and mysteriously broke up in the air 23 minutes after take off.  The debris came down in an area of the peninsula that is heavily controlled by the Islamic State.  Militants initially tried to claim responsibility for the bringing the jet down but authorities believe those claims are not reliable.

Investigators concluded that the jet broke into several pieces while at a high altitude.  Much of the debris was scattered across a 20 kilometer area.  Russian officials reported that the pilot had complained of technical problems with the jet and requested to land at the nearest possible location just before the flight went missing off radar.  But Egyptian officials disputed that claim and said they have no record of that transmission.

Although terrorism has not been ruled out, authorities believe it is highly unlikely that Islamic insurgents were able to shoot the jet down.  Military intelligence says the insurgents in that area only have missiles that are able to travel 14,ooo feet in the air.  It is believed that jet was cruising at a normal altitude of 30,000 feet when it went down.  Though some have suggested that if the jet had begun a descent to land it could have decreased it’s altitude enough to be reached by the insurgent surface to air missiles.

At this point of the investigation, it is believed that some kind of technical or mechanical problem is the cause of the crash.  Investigators are currently revising all records of maintenance for the craft and crew involved.  One of the pilot’s daughters has claimed that she had a conversation with the pilot before the flight and he was hoping that the craft would be in better condition.

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