Story of Pixar: The graphic company turn to animation studio to Disney Partner for life. Underdog story that won in the end

Before Pixar movies became household name, mostly due to fascinating movies such as toy story, finding Nemo and wall-e; their story, this company began as a small company trying to pay the bills.

Pixar began as graphic company which later turned into  high-end computer hardware company which finally transition to an animation studio. Although this company has multiple identities and one of the main investors- Steve Jobs though of selling the company, till Toy Story was going to be released in 1994; Pixar was trying to get investors to buy into their animation studio. Other two of the most recognizable men who help build this company is John Lasserter and Edwin Catmull by their talents of computer science and animation. After Pixar made first ever animation full length movie- Toy Story, Disney had rights to distribution and profits of products that Pixar didn’t get a a large share.

After receiving a small share Pixar decided to look for new investors and partners regarding distribution due to Disney stronghold against them, even though they’re IPO was the highest ipo till Facebook IPO. Success and determination can’t be count as a number but a will and pixar is a definition of it. Disney eventually purchased Pixar for 2.6 Billion and the founders/key members became CEO/President of Pixar/Disney co. the culture, willingness, and determination continues within this company.  Pixar has made over 10 academy awards for various of categories and they will continue to make amazing films.

A great documentary is “The Pixar Story” which give an insight of their journey. Reading about someone’s journey is as important as the destination because it shows the struggles someone had to go into to be successful.

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