Natasha Richardson’s Death: Lessons Learned

British actress Natasha Richardson was taking ski lessons for beginners at a local ski resort in Canada. It was like any other day for her, hanging around with one of her sons enjoying a pleasant time out on the slopes. Then all of the sudden, something usual happens that everyone can relate to on a daily basis. While skiing, Richardson had took a tumble on the slopes. She didn’t have a helmet at the time and she didn’t feel any pain on or in her brain when she fell. A few hours later in her hotel, she had started to feel a little nauseous and was taken to a local hospital in Montreal for further examinations. Later it was found that in her head received trauma to her head. Her began to deteriorate and lost her conscience. Richardson was transferred to the hospital in New York City, but it was too late and this result led to her death a day later. News spread though out the world reported the Natasha Richardson had tragically died. She was 45.

Natasha Richardson is survived by her husband Liam Neeson and her two sons Michael 13, and Jack 12. There are a lot of questions that surrounded her death. If her life could have been saved she would have worn a helmet? It might have when she fell on the snow on that day. She did not wear a helmet; instead, she wore a skull hat. In fact, safety helmets actually cost around $12-$15. These helmets are used for extra protection for the head just in case for an accident. Maybe if one had been worn, Natasha would not have died from the head injury. The lesson that we learn from here is that no matter how stupid people look with their helmet on, it should be on all time wherever we go. There are brutal accidents people do each day whether they’re on a bike ride, a snowboard, or even a skateboard. Natasha Richardson’s death made me think about buying a helmet for myself. It’s better to be safe than sorrow.

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