Robust Segmentation System from Acxiom Delivers Strategic Advantage for Marketers in Japan

Marketers in Japan now have access to superior geo – demographic consumer segmentation with the latest release of ChomonicX 2.0 from Acxiom Corporation. ChomonicX offers clients quick, easy and affordable access to accurate, meaningful and actionable consumer information. The updated systems adds new and fresher data sources, along with refined definition around the most marketable urban clusters, to deliver higher return on marketing dollars spent.

ChromonicX’s robust applications encompass both marketing strategy and execution. Now with a total of seven social groups, 32 clusters and 10 newly formed sub – clusters, this geo – demographic market segmentations system can be applied at the chome level to more than 206,000 chomes, or city districts, with complete geographic coverage for all of Japan. With the release of ChomonicX 2.0, they are providing marketers in Japan with an even more relevant tool for these though economic times. ChomonicX was the first geo – demographic product designed for targeted marketing throughout Japan.
By leveraging ChomonicX 2.0 to find lookalike prospects that are twice as likely or more to respond, a company spending 10 million yen on direct mail pieces for a campaign to 100,000 consumers could realize an ROI of 30% by targeting these top prospects.

Acxiom is a global leader in interactive marketing services, It connects clients with their customers through deep consumer insight, powering effective and profitable marketing initiatives and business decisions. Their consultative approach spans multiple industries and incorporates decades of experience in customer data and analytics, information technology, data integration and consulting solutions for effective marketing across digital, internet, email, mobile and direct mail around the world from locations in the United States, Europe and Asia – Pacific.

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