Netflix May be Coming to Television

Netflix has changed the game when it comes to how we get our entertainment. Before Netflix, if one wanted to watch a specific show or movie, the easiest way to view it was to pick up a TV guide and search for the times it will be on, or buy it on DVD. Now, thousands of shows and movies are all available in one place for one easy price. Netflix’s service has been a headache for broadcast and cable providers, who are having a tough time competing. Soon, however, the two may join forces.

Netflix executives are looking to bring the service to viewers as part of one of the premium services from cable providers. It would be available right along side other premium and pay-per-view services. This would make it much easier for viewers to access Netflix on their televisions, as it is mainly used on mobile devices and computers. Both Netlfix and cable providers are excited about the opportunity to work together, especially after the bitterness between the two over the years.

If Netflix manages to secure some sort of deal with cable providers, when can one expect Neflix to roll out as part of a premium cable service? Not anytime soon, but negotiations are starting soon. In the meantime, Netflix is turning much of its focus to producing original content, both movies and television series. The company stepped out on a limb earlier this year by bringing a new season of the universally acclaimed and cult classic show Arrested Development as an exclusive feature, and it plans to expand its original content in the coming months and years.

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