Indie horror movie films secretly at Walt Disney World

Many people are shocked to learn that the Sundance Film Festival horror movie “Escape From Tomorrow” was filmed at both Disney World and Disneyland, entirely unbeknownst to the Disney Company. The movie has scenes that take place all throughout the Disney parks and hotels. Some scenes even take place on rides within the parks. Filmmaker Randy Moore had many techniques set up in order to film on the premises without Disney finding out.

Moore and his crew used cameras and video recorders that are used by tons of Disney tourists on a daily basis, so there was nothing suspicious there. Keeping with the image of appearing as normal tourists, the actors kept copies of scripts on their phones to glance at discreetly. The cast and crew rode some attractions over and over in order to get the shot that Moore wanted, but Moore says none of the park employees seemed to notice them.

With “Escape From Tomorrow” now showing in select theaters across the country, most people are expecting Disney to issue a statement about the movie any day now. So far, Disney hasn’t said a word. This is surprising, since the movie is a psychological thriller that contrasts very much with Disney’s image. The movie’s poster depicts a bloody Mickey Mouse hand, which has to be frustrating for the Disney Company. However, it is believed that Disney is choosing to ignore the movie because giving it attention might make other people want to view the movie. By pretending it doesn’t exist, Disney may be hoping people don’t realize it exists.

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