Watch out Pandora, here comes iTunes Radio.

When you hear the words “streaming music” you automatically think Pandora. Pandora is an online radio service that streams music to your computer or mobile device. It has been around for sometime now and has definitely made an impact on the music industry. Only thing is that with Apple’s new iOS 7 for their mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad, Apple has released iTunes Radio. Pandora might need to be worried for the future because iTunes Radio is coming for Pandora with guns blazing.

iTunes Radio is based off the same platform as Pandora. You enter an artist’s name or the name of a genre and then you will hear music by that artist and also songs by similar artists. With iTunes Radio it lets the user do more than Pandora does. The user can control what related music is played. You can pick if you want top hits by that artist or put it into discovery mode which will play new and upcoming music that is the same genre as that artist. Another cool thing iTunes music allows the user to do is if you like a song you can go straight to iTunes and download the song to your library on your device. The last thing is that you don’t need a separate app for iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is an integrated part of the music player app on all Apple devices.

I have personally been using iTunes radio and I can say it is pretty amazing. I feel that Pandora is now a thing of the past and iTunes Radio is the future!

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