New Affordable Care Act Helps Those In Need Including The People Who Have Have No Immigration Status – Click To Find Out More!

When Hispanic family moved to the U.S, they normally do so because their home countries are not safe, and they want a fresh start, but getting here and with almost no money is hard for anyone. Imagining that you have to pay for therapy sessions for your family’s mental health is really scary to hear. But the U.S thankfully is acknowledging all this, they are trying to develop new policies in regards with the immigration reform, so families no longer have to stress out so much. That’s why discrimination can get you bad, when they hear other people’s story, of course it frustrates them too, knowing that they might also get deported and knowing that they have to go back from where they left might be the scariest and most disappointing truths of all. But for those who do get the chance to stay here and fight for what they came for and have gotten to a depressive place because of all the trouble, the U.S while developing the new policies they thought it will be a good idea to put out there an Affordable Care Act, which helps those in need get the help they need for a reasonable price, if not even complementary depending on each person. This is absolutely amazing, even with all the garbage someone might come in, here the get the opportunity to get help from a solitary country who tries not to pay attention to the stereotypes that their culture brings because like the article states “anti-immigrant policies and negative public discourse lead to perceived discrimination among Latinos, which may impact mental health.”

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