New And Exciting Technology or More of Nothing to Do

Everyday we see new and exciting technology appearing in our worlds. We ooh and ah over these new things excited to have them in our lives, yet once we obtain them are we really any happier? In recent years and even months, we face the regular announcements of new technology especially phones, tablets and gaming systems. People always go absolutely mad with the several months of hype and go crazy trying to get their hands on these items. They pre-order whenever possible and once thats up they are willing to wait in a line all night to receive this item the first day it comes out. But are people truly happy with this technology?

I remember up until about a year ago, I was still not in the smart phone world. I still had a phone with a small square screen that still had keys I could text off of. My dad convinced me to switch to an iphone 4 he had that one of his friends had upgraded to the 4s. I honestly wasn’t convinced, I had never really wanted an iphone but he talked it up so highly I thought I’d give it a chance. He told me if i didn’t like it I could switch back, so I took the chance and changed the phone. I was miserable. I hated the phone. For a phone that was supposed to do everything, it basically did nothing. I was struggling with the internet, the apps, the everything. After about two weeks I wanted to switch back but my Dad told me I couldn’t and had to keep it. I didn’t understand, how was this phone any better then mine? All it was, was more expensive, bigger and more fragile. Yet here people continue dying to upgrade any item they possibly can for basically the same item or worse in my opinion. I know my friends and going through it now with the new XBOX one and PS4 coming out, but really is it worth it? Why not slow down the technological advance and instead of releasing new items every few months or so, take a bit more time and actually work on improving the technology and games to have a satisfied public.

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