The Dangers of Internet Information Leaks

Over the years, the Internet has proved to become an accessible and affordable means of obtaining information and entertainment. Anyone can create a social media site for entertainment like Facebook or Twitter, and also for business purposes like Linkeden and Email. All these websites provide vital use for the user but at what price do they cost? When registering for an email, the website will ask for personal information such as phone number, addresss, billing or even your social security number. What many users do not understand is that they can be putting too much information on the line. Although some sites may provide you with proven security on the information you distribute, these websites can release your information making it easy for anyone to pick up your information and run with it. At a young age, I was always taught to never release any information on the Internet because people could get ahold of it and steal your credit card information, social security number, or even steal your identity to open up accounts and loans. Those social media sites that everyone loves so much are also involved in these schemes as well. On any site you encounter, on the left, right, top, or bottom of the screen will always showcase the newest iPhone cases or a way to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. These adds are also dangerous because they ask for personal information that can be given to a third party. These third parties are able to grab information such as an email account and spam you with thousands of pesky emails that are also unsafe for you to even open at times. One always has to be careful with everything they put on the Internet, you never know where it will end up on the World Wide Web.

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