New Media: Destruction of civilize Society!

The internet provides everyone to have any type of information in their fingertips, literally. This mass of information has created a new form of media that author; James Fallows title as, “Shallow, divisive, Unreliable”. This article has made me realize how society is on a turning point of destroying civilized, well-educated, in-depth information to gossip (, fictional, mindless waste of information.  In its defense; new media has plenty of positive aspects, for instance, instantly new coverage on important events, has created new ways of communicating that has been beneficial throughout this century, etc.  But in reality, this destructive form of new information feels like I’m in the movie” Idiocracy” (If you don’t know this movie, Google it).

“We have created a technology that has wonderful potential, but increases our ability to lie to ourselves and forget it is a lie” This quote by Jaron Lanier, is a perfect way to describe on what is occurring in today society; in my opinion, this new media has made society opinionated about every micro information that is somewhat important in our society with an ego size of Manhattan. Maybe I’m rambling about nothing, maybe journalism isn’t borderline extinct, broadcast station isn’t losing power due to cable, satellite and internet, and maybe America isn’t losing the battle of civilize society to uneducated, polarized, like wannabe journalist. I don’t know if our society will turn into a rotten tomato or blossom into something wonderful or a combination of both. So I’ll leave you with this quote by Tom Brokaw, “We’re creating a whole new universe; all those planets that are out there, colliding with each other, we don’t know which ones will support life and which will burn up”.

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