News or The Nonsense You Want to Tell me?

It has become pretty clear that receiving news is no longer strictly available through just television or newspapers. Personally for me, I have always found the three minutes where news anchors are throwing 10 different stories whether exciting or depressing to be extremely stressful due to the fact that in such a short time I am not normally able to get a full account of what actually happened. In recent years though, news stations now are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and their own station’s websites sending out information. I have mixed feelings about these ways of receiving news though. How can I be sure the information is true? Using twitter for news, 140 characters to tell me everything that happened? That doesn’t work for me. Blogs actually keep me the most up to date on whats going on in the world. It is sad to say so but there basically isn’t a character limit that I can’t get most of if not the full story. Also with friends and other blogs reblogging to keep everyone informed it is almost impossible not to see all the things happening in the world. Its my personal way to receive news and understand without feeling stressed about not knowing the story and all the angles to it. It seems with television news I can only get the side of the story they’re willing to tell and people updating their Facebooks’ and Twitters’ to what they believe, I usually just want to know the story so I can make up my own mind on the matter at hand. Although yes I still am forced to face people posting their opinions I am able to see why they feel that way and scroll by if I just want to find an unbiased story to read for myself. It’s nice to see though that now were able to receive news in our preferred way of receiving it, it’s just unfortunate we’re unable to receive it without the opinions of others being thrown our way as well.

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