New Media Technology Is Good For Our Future

New technology has often been criticized for the lack of professionalism, whether through new shows on television or the use of twitter and other social media. The benefits, in my opinion, outweigh the negatives. This new format of news allows people to get almost any information they want whenever they want it. While the new sources can be harmful, it definitely has more benefits than it does negatives.

Getting our news through social media such as twitter is a popular means for many young people today. I also get my news information from looking at twitter and Facebook. It allows me to see everything i want whenever I want it. It has been said that the switch to this type of reporting is hurtful to the profession. I’ve read that some reporters have never made a mistake and misreported on a story until they started using twitter, due to the fact that they wanted to be the first person to report on a certain story.

The type of stories that our society finds important today is drastically different from that of twenty years ago. From all of the reality shows and our constant need to know what celebrities are doing, nightly news shows and papers must devote time and space to information about this. These types of stories are not something I personally find interesting and important. The news has changed a lot over the years and things that weren’t important now take a front seat of news programs. The new way we get our media coverage is good for us. We no longer have to wait to get information. It allows everyone to be on top of their knowledge and be able to grasp new concepts.

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