Newborn Baby Found Buried Alive

A newborn baby, no more than 2 days old was found buried alive  this past week in Los Angeles neighborhood. Sisters, Angelica Blount and Evangelina McCrary were taking a walk along a bike path next to the riverbed  on 136th Street and Slater  around 4 p.m. Saturday, when they heard a muffled cry. McCray asked her sister if she could hear the sound of a baby crying and Blount was unsure, saying it appeared to her more like the sound of a cats meow, but McCray was sure it was a human cry, “‘No, it’s a baby crying.'” she told her sister. And that’s when they called 911. The miracle baby girl was found under a foot of asphalt and debris that police say was deliberately placed over her.

When police uncovered the baby girl, they found she was very cold and covered in what seemed to be a medical blanket which lead officials to believe she was born at a hospital or other medical center.

This baby is truly a miracle baby. As of now the baby is in the hospital and  in stable condition, but as LA Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. Marvin Jaramilla told Journalist Saturday, that if the child had spent another night out there under those harsh conditions they are sure she wouldn’t have survived. According to CNN, ” If the parents are found, they will face attempted murder and child endangerment charges.”

For future parents wanting to give up their child, as awful as that may seem, LA County supervisor, Don Kabe told CNN of a the program called “Baby Safe Surrender Program,” which allows parents to hand over their baby at any LA county hospital or sheriffs department without being questioned.

~ Information from CNN ~


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