UCF Offense Worst Ever In Major League College Football

Ucf finished the season 0-12. This was the worst offense performance for a season by any team in major league college football. The team, was short on seniors and had issues with injuries and suspensions and had their coach , George O’Leary,  retire mid way through the season. At a winless 0-8 and pressure for O’Leary to step down, the coach retired just two years after a first bowl win.

UCF President John Hitt said in a statement that he expects the new head coach will come from outside of the UCF program.

“This season has been difficult, and I support George’s decision to retire now so our program can begin planning for the future,” Hitt said.

Fans had little to celebrate this season but were given free beer from a local bar for the whole year. The Basement, located in Orlando, gave $60,000 worth of free beer saying they would keep the beer free until UCF won a game. Fans poured in and the bar kept its promise and handed out a total of 15,000 free beers.

Fans are hoping to have more than beer to celebrate next year. Rumors have said that Bowling Green coach Dino Babers is looking to take the job as head coach of UCF. Fans are looking to rally behind their new coach and come back from one of the worst performances in college football history.

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