Newly Crowned Popes “False” Twitter Account Gets Thousands Of Followers!

Just moments after the newly crowned Pope was announced earlier today, a false Twitter account was made claiming to be the Pope. The account seemed to rack up over 1oo thousand followers. That is a massive amount of people considering that he was just announced.

Now lets look at some viewpoints. If any of you watched the “ceremony” earlier today you would know that there was clearly alot going on behind the scenes. And once the pope was crowned we saw everyones reaction and saw how the Pope carried himself just minutes before himself even knowing he was going to be crowned. Would someone in that situation really create a Twitter account. Out of everything he was to do that day do you think that somewhere in his day he had planned to create a Twitter account. The Pope barely speaks english inyet he would get on a social media website and create a Twitter account.

Anyone out of their mind would obviously find this to be true. And to think that people chose to follow him is crazy in my eye. Nevertheless account these days are supposed to be verified. And who would do that?

Maybe people simply thought it was a joke or maybe people thought the first thing the Pope did was pull up his Ipad and post “New Pope in town” on Facebook and create a Twitter account.

This goes to show just how into social media everyone is and how connected they would want to be. And also how easy it is to portray someone else.

Not to say the Pope cannot have a Twitter. But so soon.

The president has one. And although it his run by his team, he still post things on it. It is good to be connected but all in time.

Just goes to show were more gullible than we thing.

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