Sorry Twitter, You Missed Your Chance

The giant social media networking and microblogging service missed out on a huge opportunity to build an empire that would have yielded huge revenues for years to come.  By all means Twitter people will make their money, but it’s a dead end road with virtually no chance to have a constant stream of revenue in the future. With no cost for user sign-up and minimal to no ads Twitter is planning to rely on “promotional tweets” which companies can purchase to be used in the Twitter search feature, much like GoogleAdwords.

When Twitter was in its infancy, it should have went for the gusto and found a way to implement some sort of website advertising. Twitter had a chance to be great, to fix problems in the news industry, and make a lot of money while doing so. But now it’s just chasing imaginary dollars, advertising money that will never come. Twitter might still be growing today, based on its month unique visitors, but this will end and like other social media services before it. The content on Twitter will be the downfall. When a service relies on pointless babble, 40% of tweets, and 38% conversational tweets, and a mere 4% for news,  it’s a recipe for disaster.

Twitter will become practically obsolete once the newest social media service takes off probably in the form of an exclusive smartphone app. Whether that be Instagram, Keek, or something even greater, Twitter will be forgotten.

So I am sorry Twitter, not only did you miss your chance to have a revenue stream a mile wide, but you also will be short lived, in this fasted paced digital age where today’s news isn’t news at all.

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