Students Can Find Themselves “Catfished” When Using Social Media

Today I was reading CNN and I saw an article about a man in Ohio who was convicted of 26 counts of aggrevarted assault, robbery, and murder. Three of the murders involved gentlemen who were meeting with the man for a job listing he posted on Craiglist. All three men thought they were going to meet someone for an interview and ended up meeting their maker.

This article made me think about how many people actually utilize Craiglist, especially college students. I myself bought half of my furniture from a girl on Craigslist when I first moved to Orlando. I also have alot of friends in college who look for jobs on social networks inlcuding  Craigslist. I personally believe when it comes to meeting anyone online you should never go meet the person by yourself. The tragedy in Ohio is a perfect example. In today’s day and age people can’t be trusted. The popular show on MTV “Catfish” is a perfect example of how many people can be deceptive. These people have online relationships for years with soemone they think is the love of their life, but when they finally meet them they find out everything about their lover was a complete lie. Their was one episode on “Catfish” when a man thought he was in a relationship with a beautiful wome  for five years only to find out the woman was a man.

Honestly I didn’t feel bad for the guy. People need to be more responsible  and not fall prey to the land of make believe a.k.a the internet. The more aware people are the less danger they will find themselves in.

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