News Flash! The Robot is the New Human

Whenever I watch shows from the 80’s or the 90’s they all usually contain a surreal episode about the “future” where we having flying cars and robots serving us dinner and cute electronic puppy named gigabyte that eats hard disk for breakfast. January 2013 was the date in future that they traveled to in the movie “Back To The Future.” We are living in the future but where are our flying cars? Our robot housekeepers? On the other hand there are movies who show the downsides of what too much technology can hinder us. Movies like “I Robot and even a Disney movie i grew up watching called smart house. In both cases the robots completely overstepped there bounds and in a way held the human race in captivity.

Wondering why you haven’t seen your local supermarket cashier? Its because he or she became obsolete to the self checkout line. The convenience technology gives us inconveniences other people also. What about the people who used to wash cars and worked solely off tips? Welp now they are working somewhere else hopefully due to automated car washes where now you only have to stick some cash in a machine and keep it moving. Things like this are happening around the world where technology is making some of the hard workers of the world pretty much obsolete  Factory workers replaced by machines, even retailers technically are no longer needed with buyer to consumer being replaced with consumer to consumer.

Technology has taken the human race leaps and bounds in a lot of areas of our lifestyle but what about the “little people”? Some people have dedicated their lives to things like farming and now they have no means of income. So whats it going to be people? The human race or your computer?

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