Too Much Information…Too Little Time

I’m beginning to struggle with the amount of information I’m receiving day after day. It is enough already. I have to stay up to date with whatever the buzz is, but there is simply not enough time. I am definitely the type of person who always wants to be in the know. I have a hard time being the last to hear the latest update. However, lately it’s been more difficult to stay on top of everything. The inconceivable amount of information being thrown at me doesn’t help the issue.

I’m going to be honest; I thoroughly enjoy reading gossip websites. Sometimes I find it easiest to just click on articles people share on Facebook or Twitter in order to get a few things out of the way at once. As I write this it makes me wonder: who have I become? The answer is: I have become that obsessive-compulsive person who needs information. When I read something that is interesting enough to further explore I will immediately find myself researching it for hours. The worst part about it is that I know that I might possibly be the worst multi-tasker. So while I waste hours researching and seeking more information I am taking away valuable time for other, more important things.

I simply need a break from it all, although I think that would cause me to experience withdrawal. Life is full of decisions and I think as I weigh out all of the possibilities I can easily say that I need to live my life how I normally do. There is no need to change anything, since I truly do enjoy the Information Age I live in, but I do need to cut back a little.

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