News- helping or hurting?

It is hard to tell in today’s society whether our local and world news is serving our benefit or creating problems. Every time I turn on the television I hear about a murder, rape, and another everyday item that causes cancer. While the news should be a way to inform us and protect us from the bad in the world, is this really the intent?

Take the recent shooting in Connecticut for example. I was watching the aftermath of the horrifying event unravel on the news. So much of the early information was pure speculation, and the story changed constantly. I understand the need to relay information on breaking stories, but releasing stories that have no merit only causes confusion. And then we see interviews of elementary students directly after they’ve been put through a horribly traumatic event. It seems that journalists will put all morals aside just to get the story.

We also see the shooter’s picture plastered on every news channel on television. The approach to this is completely wrong. This is probably part of the reason that Adam Lanza went through with the horrific act. He knew that the media would make him famous, as they’ve done with every other mass murderer. Instead, we should be showing the victims, and mourning with their families and celebrating the lives that they lived. I can guarantee that years from now, people will not remember the victims names, but if you say Adam Lanza they will know exactly who you’re talking about.

News should be here for our benefit, but instead I find myself turning it off completely.


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