Internet Has changed the World

I think that they internet is the best invention that the world has seen since the light bulb. It a large global village that connects almost all of the countries and we have a better smaller connection to all of them. It has changed they way we communicate, shop, and collect information. The internet make all those things so simple at the click of the mouse button. I believe that it is taking the spot of television, newspapers, books. Anything that can be really found on the television can be found on the internet. We are able to watch television, read the newspaper in various parts of the world or country, and now we are able to read book. Because the internet is taking over it has forced adapt and create online versions of the printed version.

As said before the internet as made getting information really simple. Back in the day one had to look through 10 different books to find the information that they needed. It made doing research paper for schools a lot harder than it does for students in this day of age. Now we are able to put what ever we are looking for into google or a search engine and find what we need at the click of mouse. We also have different online data bases such as the University of Central Florida database that is full of article and other information that is available to the students just by logging in to the school site. The internet has made everything easier for todays society and made so that we can do anything that we need from our house.

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