The More You “Don’t” Know

Knowledge is key, or is it? In our modern world today, information, opinions, and facts are thrown at us from every which way. With websites like Twitter, Facebook, and the more underground Reddit, we receive an infinite dose of knowledge shoved down our throats 24/7. However, is this act of an information vacuum cleaner we portray necessarily a good thing?

Our brain not only cracks under large amounts of stress and pressure, but apparently information as well. The more information we consume about a particular topic, the harder it becomes to make a decision on, or about that topic. Our brain is wired to receive incoming information, and store it within the brain for better decision-making. So what happens the brain receives a copious amount of information at once? In plain terms, it goes into what is called an “information overload,” putting a strain on the decision-making element of the brain. Thus, making it harder to actually decide upon a specific choice for the topic you know so much about.

While I may or may not have unknowingly been in a situation of “information overload,” I have encountered a similar sequence of events known as the “paradox of choice.” The paradox of choice is also an event centered around the act of decision-making, with the same idea that less is always more. Lets say you have basic cable (1-70 channels), and your friend has the ultimate cable package (1-600 channels). Who do you think will find something to watch and stick to that program first? My bet would be on you, with basic cable. The reason why, is because your friend with the ultimate cable package will experience the paradox of choice. He has so many channels to choose from, it’s actually becomes harder to find one to watch and stick with, unlike you.

In all, due to the fact that we live in a world with such of an over abundance amount of information, facts, and opinions, I guess we really can’t think for ourselves. Let’s just hope in the near future our technology will be able to think for us; kidding.


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