News outlets crossing over and featuring “entertainment” spots.

It seems like in this day and age, there isn’t a fine line between how much entertainment is considered “News.” It is obvious that people in today’s society or the “younger generation” would agree that Kim Kardashian having a baby would be considered “newsworthy.” But how relevant is this information to be considered news, and what exactly is considered “news”.

One of the first things my professor taught me in school was to know a little bit about everything. To be smart and knowledgeable and always have at least one thing to say about anything. So to be a “respectable” journalist, should we be knowledgeable about things that aren’t viewed in the profession as relevant or professional.

What traditional journalist would consider to be newsworthy, would probably be far from what the Kardashians are up to. But the times have changed and suddenly we are seeing more news outlets featuring sections and spots with information of these sorts.

 In a world full of ratings and business,  it is hard to keep up with the traditional approach of featuring only “newsworthy” events like worldwide crisis and governement.  Now media outlets are being forced to offer sections that would attract more viewers. Those viewers possibly being viewers who want to hear about entertainment and celebrity.

Does this devalue the integrity and traditions of news organizations, being Tv or newspapers. Does the need to keep a business relevant and proactive give news outlets the reasoning of featuring what most would consider “newsworthy” events?

I don’t think so. I think in this day in age you need to be well rounded. And if your solid motive is to provide quality material in a world of diverse individuals,  then you might be headed in the wrong direction. To be a successful business you need to cater to as many people as you can especially if the people are a huge chunk of society.

The change might be good or bad but it is occuring. Journalism and even journalist, are becoming a wide range of individuals. And even journalist who focus on media and celebrity, are becoming respected and popular for what they do. The times are changing. Journalism is changing.

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