Progression of Love for the New Media

In Learning to Love the New Media by James Fallows, the progression of how media is changing and what is quickly becoming more and more popular is discussed.  Fallows began describing how news once was something the reporters could choose.  The news that was offered was that of which news organizations believed the public needed to know and the reporters stayed away from being bias.  This is still the case nowadays, however, there is an even greater need for “clear, objective reporting in a world of rising religious fundamentalism, economic interdependence and global ecological problems.”

Ted Koppel, the face of Nightline on ABC for 25 years believed journalism was declining. Koppel was used to families and friends making television a family activity where they would all gather around the television set.  Although the television set is a form of entertainment, I will argue that times have changed and our generations have more technology available to them compared to those generations before us.  Beforehand, everyone was amazed with the invention of the television as it was one of the first breakthroughs in technology advancement.  Nowadays, nearly everybody is just as amazed with iPhones or iPads (or any SmartPhone, in that case) as they once were with the television.  It is much more difficult to stay devoted to just one type of technology.  As we sit to watch television in our busy day, we find ourselves on our SmartPhones or laptops, multitasking.  With all of the technology at hand, our attention goes a little awol since it’s not truly undivided and focused on one subject/item.

Just because things are changing and we aren’t used to the new, doesn’t mean the topic at hand should be dismissed.    What was once full of substance, seriousness, and a sense of proportion is now focused on sensationalism, passion, and consumer-obsession.  What worked several years ago may not work now and that is perfectly okay.  Humans just need to learn to embrace and accept change.

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