NFL GAME STREAMING AT YAHOO. This game will be the stepping stone for sporting games going to streaming services

Buffalo Bills played against Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday that was streamed on Yahoo. This NFL game was the first game that was streamed online; most people see this opportunity as a stepping point for games to stream online week by week. Game started as 930am and like most people I woke up to experience this content virtually. At first the bandwidth and loading for the game to stream took few mins but as the streaming continued, the game’s clearness and service was outstanding.

NFL has become a global phenomenal that this multi-billion dollar company can take advantage of. The idea/overall experience of this game was surprisingly successful. There wasn’t at any point a buffing or slow service, which Yahoo did a great job at streaming. I do believe this game will be a stepping stone  for game to stream online but only if it’s convenient for the fans, advertisers and audience viewing these games.

According to NFL senior vice president in charge of media strategy said, “Our tagline is Watch With the World, which we really think captures what this experience is.” And “I think the leanings we get out of this experience will really shape some of those decisions we make going forward about who we partner with on game distribution, both in the near term, but then in the long term as well,”

Due to Online providers are able to determine an accurate stats regarding viewers, and duration of content, this will expand how NFL is able to reach their target audience and expansion of this wonderful game.


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