A Haunted House with a Woman’s Touch

In todays day and age we seem to be living in a period catered towards groups and demographics, people try to be sensitive to groups or demographics that they are not a part of. We live in a period where the original LGBT is now LGBTQXYZ… and add a couple more letters. I believe everyone, everybody and every type of being should be recognized, if need be. We should be more informed on them, if they wish for us to be and at the minimum be informed enough to know how not to insult or offend.

In the past, and currently the topic of women’s rights and lesbianism has been prevalent, and a group of women’s activists are speaking out in nontraditional way, one more tactile, one that entices your senses in hopes of conveying feminist issues…one that better suits the season. Toronto based artists Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell created the ultimate haunted house centered on the ladies, called KillJoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House. The house is their retort to the evangelical haunted houses that are themed around the sins of abortion, same sex relationships and fornication.

In the house not only are you accompanied by your own self-proclaimed women’s studies professor, but you may be accosted with a diva cup for of menstrual blood or frightened by the “ball-buster“ just to end up in the final stage of “lesbian processing” where a brief discussion about feminism and its history can be discussed. KillJoy’’s Kastle is the perfect haunted house…with a women’s touch.

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