Nintendo Is Struggling to Compete, Mobile Devices Could Come to the Rescue

Nintendo announced 2 days ago that they are looking at a loss of over $240 million due to the lack of success generated by the WiiU. In the competition between the three powerhouses of gaming, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo, most consumers have chosen the PS3 and Xbox One. It’s Nintendo’s largest decline since 2001 and the future looks dim. Or does it? Nintendo released plans to develope a new business strategy, a plan involving mobile devices. Nintendo even considering mobile devices in its strategy has many gamers excited.

The reason? Nintendo, though currently struggling, is responsible for some of the most influential video game franchises in the history of gaming, such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pikmin and The Legend of Zelda. None of these games require high specifications incapable of being platformed on mobile devices. With the rise of mobile gaming, this could be a big change of direction for Nintendo.

Today more and more young people are getting involved in the gaming world through ipads, iphones, and tablets. Nintendo is a fan favorite for simple, yet addicting and fun entertainment and not only do kids love it, but previous and current adult fans could pick up their mobile phone and enjoy the old magic of Nintendo.

The future is unknown for Nintendo but with a new business opportunity, a committed team of developers, and a big fanbase of adoring fans it looks like things may be bright after all.


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