North Korea: Comic Fodder or Legitimate Threat?

We need to decide; are we afraid of North Korea? Do we feel bad for it? Do we enjoy having a good laugh at it’s expense? Yes.

North Korea is terrifying. It is a totalitarian dictatorship run by a family of crazy people. There are government run labor camps. North Korea’s nuclear capabilities grow more substantial every year.

North Korea is also incredibly sad. Families are split between North and South Korea. The quality of living is incredibly low. Free speech isn’t exactly guaranteed. Nor is it offered. It’s the world most corrupt country. Thirty-two percent of the country is undernourished.

North Korea is also hilarious. It’s run by a family of crazy people. The country was run, as of two years ago, by a tiny man wearing women’s sunglasses. The people are now led by his son, whose biggest claim to fame stateside is a website devoted to pictures of him staring blankly at things. Trust me, it’s funnier than it sounds, especially when he’s threatening to eat those things (He’s a bit portly, you see.) North Korea may frighten us with it’s weapons programs, but it certainly won’t strike fear into our hearts with it’s media department. Immediately after news broke that North Korea was planning more nuclear testing, a video found it’s way onto the web. The video is…interesting, to say the least. It’s very 1980’s. The music, the graphics, everything. The story is about a nuclear strike carried out on a major U.S. city, but it’s just so hard to take seriously. It’s a lot like North Korea in that way.

If you’re confused about how to feel about North Korea, don’t worry. You are not alone.

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