The New Media: A Love/Hate Relationship

Our world is constantly changing.  People are changing.  With that, our needs and wants are changing.  We have become a society that requires information here and now.  We no longer have the time to sit down and read a book or analyze a research paper.  We want our news easy and fast, no matter how that is accomplished.  It is a vicious cycle that can either cause problems or create opportunities for the future.  Welcome to the love/hate relationship of the new media.

The focus of the new media is giving the people what they want as opposed to what they should want.  This shift is causing the media to become more of a money-making business and less of an in-depth source of information.  Several problems arise from this.  People are becoming more interested in the gossip of Hollywood entertainment and less interested in economic, social, and governmental issues.  It is no longer a matter of what is important, but a matter of what is entertaining.  Furthermore, as journalists and news organizations search for more up and coming material to provide their viewers, the more likely that falsehoods and inaccurate information will be presented.  There is no longer time to check whether every piece of information is 100% true, especially when dealing with the private lives of the rich and famous.

Although these cons may seem somewhat detrimental to our society, they may actually have beneficial outcomes for the future.  New job opportunities, technological advancements, and commercial and/or cultural changes are just a few of the benefits that the new media is creating.  Yes, the news media is straying from what people should want, but this is necessary in order for it to grow, change, and prosper.  If the media provided people with information that they weren’t interested in, its entire existence would become irrelevant and unnecessary.

We must learn to love the new media and all of its aspects.  It is a part of our everyday lives and essential to the spreading of news, connecting with others, and creating innovations for the future.

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