NY Jets Hope to Improve Through Free Agency

Teams in the National Football League normally use the offseason to make necessary adjustments to their roster and staff in order to set achievable goals. Typically, when a team struggles is because the strategy put in place by the coach is not bringing the best out of the roster available. On other occasions, the team may fail, simply because the talent available isn’t good enough to compete at the elite levels of the league. The New York Jets have been struggling with both phases of the franchise since they last played in the American Football Conference (AFC) championship three seasons ago.

When a team fails to develop drafted players, they use free agency in order to improve at key positions. Free agency is a period of time during the NFL off- season in which unemployed players and players with expiring contracts hit the market. During this period, players can choose which team’s contract they want to accept. Every off-season, there seems to always be a great talent to be bought. This year, the Jets landed signings with running back (RB) Chris Johnson and Quarterback (QB) Michael Vick. Both have been key areas of need for the Jets for some time now. Jets have failed to find a proper “feature back” to be the anchor of their time-consuming offense. They have also been missing a field general that doesn’t turn the ball over.  Vick and Johnson mean a serious upgrade for the Jets with their experience and athleticism.

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