Quentin Tarantino Resurrects Leaked Film Script

In January, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino shut down production on a film he was working on because the script was leaked by gossip website, The Gawker. This was very sad news for Tarantino fans everywhere. He sued the website for leaking confidential information and now has decided to bring back the script. Last night in Los Angeles, Tarantino along with Sam Jackson, Kurt Russell and several other highly acclaimed actors took the stage in a reading of the original script. This was prefaced with Tarantino explaining that it is only the first draft and will be worked on a lot more, stating that the fifth chapter would be completely rewritten among other things. With tickets available for $200, a lucky 1200 people were able to witness a once in a lifetime event. 

The reading of the script was narrated by Tarantino with the actors simply reading their lines. Although a graphic and gory plot (did we really expect anything else from him?) no props were involved and guns were portrayed with hand gestures and “Bang” sounds. With only 3 days of rehearsal time, the cast was surprisingly collected and cohesive, although Tarantino would call for re-do’s if anyone strayed from the script or was lost in the roaring applause. The hope is for the script to be rewritten and brought to life on the silver screen in the next couple of years. Casting will resume from where it had left off although judging by the reading, it seems as if Tarantino has made up his mind. Described as the next “Reservoir Dogs,” this movie already has a great amount of hype and is sure to be the next great hit.

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