Obama Threatens Attack Against Syria

       Barrack Obama has been given a tough decision. The situation in Syria has been floating in United States news avenues all week. Apparently, chemical weapons have been used against Syrian citizens and it’s starting to become a problem. Of course, in American fashion we feel it is our responsibility to come to their rescue. But it goes deeper then this. Chemical weapons are dangerous indeed, but more specifically, the United Nations has declared that the use of such weapons is considered a world crime.

      The United Nations represents ninety-eight percent of the world’s population and considers its rulings to be heavily supported. Obama believes in this. Furthermore, the situation gets stickier when you add Russia into the equation. Russia has been supplying Syria with weapons and an attack on Syria may stir up some bad relations with Russia as well.

      Many people have been declaring that an attack on Syria may be the impetus to World War III.This prediction is bold and has little backing. But the idea that there would be several countries involved in this debacle if bombs were dropped is scary nonetheless. On the bright side, Obama’s decision to attack Syria would be backed by the other countries involved in the United Nations.

      One can’t help wonder what may come of the whole situation with the rise of nuclear power and Middle Eastern uncertainty. War is fought very differently nowadays and after one nuclear warhead is launched it may create a chain reaction that humankind will greatly suffer from.

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