The New Features of Apple’s iOS 7

There has always been wild speculation surrounding the release of any new update for Apple’s mobile operating system, or “iOS”. Some even start speculating about new updates as soon as one is released. Apple’s next iOS update, iOS 7, has been surrounded by speculation for months, which can be put to rest as the information for the operating system is finally available. While some of the features that people had been hoping for are not going to be included, this new update will include much more than anyone realized or could have imagined.

Apple is introducing many new features, while changing the layout and design to reflect OSX, Apple’s operating system for computers. iOS 7 will include all of the settings in a new command center, making it easy to adjust settings. The new iTunes Radio app will challenge popular music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. The touch and swipe controls have been upgraded to make both gestures easier for the user. Privacy settings have been added and current ones have been changed to make the phones more secure for users.

One of the most unique features of the upgrade will be the addition of AirDrop. AirDrop allows iphone users running iOS 7 to interact and send files and pictures to each other when they are nearby. This makes sharing much easier, as iphone users now usually must text or email files and photos.

Apple has always been a company that puts great care into its products, and it is clear from its features that iOS 7 will be no exception.

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