Oklahoma State Homecoming parade turned deadly

Not all homecoming celebrations turned out as well as University of Central Florida’s this weekend. Early Saturday morning thousands were gathered in Stillwater at the Oklahoma State University homecoming annual parade before an Oklahoma State football game, when things turned for the worst. A sedan driven by twenty-five year old Adacia Chambers plowed into the crowd of bystanders watching the parade going by, killing 4 and leaving 46 other bystanders injured.

One out of the 4 killed by the car crash was two year old toddler Nash Lucas. After the accident, Lucas was rushed to the nearest hospital with fatal injuries and later pronounced dead. The second person who was killed by the car crash was 23 year old Nakita Prabhakar. Prabhakar was a graduate business student at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. Prabkahar was originally from India. The other two killed by the crash were husband , Marvin Stone 65, and wife, Bonnie Stone, 65. Marvin Stone was a professor of agriculture engineering at Oklahoma State University and retired in 2006. The following year after his retirement,  Marvin and his wife Bonnie founded the Marvin and Bonnie Stone Scholarship fund.

Resulting from the crash, another 46 people were injured with 11 of those people being under the age of thirteen. 5 people are still in critical condition following the crash, but none are juveniles. 3 juveniles are at the hospital still in fair condition, inlcuding one 7 year old girl who was on her way to see her first ever Oklahoma State Cowboys game. Instead of cheering the cowboys to a win, she took her first helicopter flight via life flight and had people cheering on her recovery.

A video of the car crashing into the bystanders shows the vehicle entering the crowd without braking. The vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed, and at no point does it look like Chambers tried to brake. Witnesses say people were flying through the air like “toy army men.”

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