Online Dating, Is It Really Worth It?

With the internet comes online dating. There have been many success stories of people meeting in chat rooms, dating sites, Facebook, etc. There are also numerous dating sites dedicated to religions, age, and other groups. For some, online dating has led to couples finding their true love, whether it be across town or across country. There also have been not so great success stories. With online dating brings the risk of lies and deceive. When you chat online and setup online profiles you can say what every you want to make yourself more attractive. For example, you can say you are blond instead of brunette or thin instead of fat. You can make a whole new false identify in the online dating world, even posting fake pictures of themselves. When you initially “meet” online its just a profile and anything can be posted. But if and when the two finally meet face to face, thats when the truth comes out. Couples could be dating online for months and not even know the truth about their partner. There is even a term for this type of “lying”. “On the internet, a “catfish” is a person who creates fake personal profiles on social media sites — pretending to be someone more outwardly appealing than his/her true self, by using someone else’s pictures and false biographical information” (Wikipedia). There is even a documentary called Catfish in which the term derived from and now has turned into a TV show on MTV. The show helps online daters find out if the person on the other side is really who they say they are.

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