The Battle of iPhone vs Android

The two top contenders for the most popular cell phones out are the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. There are plenty of Android phones other than the Galaxy S4, but it is the most popular at the moment. Examples of other Android contenders would be the HTC One and Nokia Lumia. Nokia even created a commercial depicting iPhone and Samsung fanatics thinking their phone is the best, but ultimately advertises the Lumia to be better. Smart phones now are either running the Apple operating system or the Android operating system. The Android OS is very popular because it is used by multiple companies, rather than just Apple using its own OS.

Both the Apple and Samsung are continuously trying to upgrade the phones or appeal to a greater audience. For instance, Samsung upgrades their OS every so often and also just came out with the Galaxy S4 Active, which is advertised as “whatever proof.” That means it is water proof and made for active environments. Apple also upgrades their operating system on a regular basis, and they are coming out with the iPhone5c soon. This is a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 that will have a plastic casing rather than aluminum, and will be released in multiple colors.

When it comes down to buying a new phone, it all depends on what you are looking for. The iPhone is known for having an easy to use and simplistic design in its operating system. There isn’t a set format for Android phones because there are so many carriers that use that OS, but it’s known to give the user more flexibility and control of how to use the system. I have owned both an Android and iPhone so I can see some of the advantages and disadvantages. Androids have a tendency to crash and freeze more often than the iPhone. When buying a smartphone it comes down to what you want from it. If you are looking for simplicity I’d get the iPhone5 and if you’re looking for more flexibility and variety it’d be wise to buy an Android.

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