Online Versus Classroom Learning

Just as the internet has changed our way of communication with one another, it has also changed how we learn by offering new avenues such as virtual online schooling. As there are many of us that would prefer a more personal hands on approach to learning, there are also many of us who have grown accustomed to the new way of education via online. So whats the major  differences between the two that cause us to often choose a side you may ask? Good question.

Virtual learning, no doubt, has numerous advantages. For starters, we are able to have 24 hour access to our virtual classroom, instructions, past comments from either the professor or students that could possibly offer up guidance and so on. Also, virtual learning allows us to basically set a schedule and pace for ourselves allowing us to get things done on our time. However, as all things do, online learning environments definitely have their down sides. For example, almost all communication is done online. This opens a window for communication to be misread or misinterpreted and also creates a sense of disconnection between you and the professor. Another downside is our abilities to do things almost 90% at our own pace. Yes I said this was an advantage, but for those of us who are either not use to online learning or who need a physical lecture to succeed, this could be very challenging.

Classroom learning also offers up its plate of goods and bads. As far as the goods go, having a professor everyday that is available to talk before or after class to answer any questions is hands down a plus. This creates a possibility to build an actual genuine relationship between you and the professor which is never a bad thing, it can only help us more understand each other and not misread or misinterpret things said in emails and such. Another great thing about classroom learning is in person lecture where the professor is able to clear up anything we don’t understand or even elaborate on tough subject spots or assignments. However, classroom learning isn’t perfect. The downside would have to be, again, a set schedule where not everything can be done on our watch.

The two sides both have great advantages and clear disadvantages, but at the end of the day its all in your preference.


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