Has the internet banished loneliness?

In my personal experience when I feel lonely or bored I turn to the internet to help me out.  Facebook and once upon a time even MySpace allowed me to see what was happening among peers and many times chat with my best friends or people I hardly knew.  I never knew life without the internet so therefore I do not know how people were before it.  However aside from Facebook where it sets up direct contact with peers and people alike, there are also social Medias such as tumblr, twitter, pinterest, instagram Etc.  These media’s allow people to get noticed by others and get attention on their posts and pictures which make people feel better especially if feeling lonely.  Youtube allows people to post videos that can help diminish boredom and assist with people to get noticed for their talents.  With the internet’s never ending selection of social media’s and websites, one cannot help but feel noticed and no longer as lonely as they once were. The internet has helped phenomenally with loneliness in the dating department as well with all the dating sites available one is able to find at least one person of similar interests to talk to and get to know.  The internet may be one attribute to society but it offers million of options and opportunities that seem to diminish being alone at least temporarily.  Although nothing can replace human companionship the internet is a very close contender, perhaps maybe even the second best thing.

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