Opening Day Brings New Hope For Baseball Cities

With Spring Training over as of late last week, Opening Day for Major League Baseball will be coming up this entire week. Opening Day means many things for teams around the nation but the most important thing it means is a fresh start.

Today every team is tied. Every team is in first place today. Every team has hopes of a championship today. The Major League Baseball season has 162 games in the regular season. During this long stretch of games, literally anything can happen. All Star players that carry a team can get hurt and leave powerhouse teams injured as well. A fresh start can change any fan base, some cities like St. Louis and Boston are enormous baseball cities, but other towns like Miami and Tampa are not. With a fresh start to the season, a new beginning is given to the city that houses the team as well.

The playoffs are months away and all of these teams playing today have dreams and hopes to make it there. There has been plenty of large caliber trades from some teams in hopes of securing a World Series this year. The Rangers have acquired Prince fielder and the Tigers have received Ian Kinsler in exchange. Both players are an enormous help to their respected teams.

Baseball is argued as not being America’s Past Time or favorite sport. I couldn’t disagree with this more. Baseball gives the nation a sense of adventure with such a large and frightful season ahead of these teams. Baseball gives fans a huge sense of accomplishment or defeat in a losing team.


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