When Is It The Right Time To Make Life Altering Decisions?

College students face hardship after hardship. If it’s not a paper due, a group, project, or finding a meal for less than $5 it’s a parent nagging about getting better grades or a friend begging to go out.

Although people have the preconceived notion that college is all about partying and finding one’s self, it is not always that simple. College is a time to grow from being a dependent child to becoming an independent adult.

For American’s it is a right of passage. Most people find their significant other in college as well as their friends for life. College goers start to mature and appreciate home and their family more all while discovering what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

As all the exciting events happen throughout a span of four to six years, college students must attain a degree (or two). That being the most challenging part of the college experience.

Society tells eighteen year olds that they must decided on what they want to do with the rest of their lives right out of high school. This is a huge decision to make while so young.

The path that is chosen determines the rest of their lives, causing stress, anxiety as well as rebellion and anger.

Is going to college at eighteen too young?

Is high school enough preparation for students before going to college?

The debate will continue for years to come. The answer is dependent on whether the individual is mature enough to handle being on his or her own.  One has to have a sense of whether or not they are ready to handle what lies ahead.

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